Free Scholarships For Moms

free scholarshipsWe all know that moms have a single of the toughest jobs when it comes to balancing their family life and its obligations with their career targets and desires. You don’t have to use the tuition reduction at the eligible educational institution from which you received it. In other words, if you perform for an eligible educational institution and the institution arranges for you to take courses at another eligible educational institution with no paying any tuition, you might not have to include the worth of the free of charge courses in your income.

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The Mas Loved ones Scholarships are an initiative of the Jorge Mas Canosa Freedom Foundation, whose mission is the advancement and preservation of Jorge Mas Canosa’s legacy: enjoy of God, family and homeland the dignity of human life the ideals of freedom and democracy and the education of future generations in the appreciation of these ideals.

The college offers the scholarships to undergraduate students who completed, at a minimum, 3 on the web courses for the duration of the current academic year, have at least 21 hours of coursework with Columbia College from classic classes or from on-line classes, have at least a minimum cumulative GPA of three.five with Columbia College and working on their initial bachelor’s degree.