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modern apprenticeshipsAs component of our Modern Apprentice recruitment procedure, applicants will need to undertake a two week pre-employment course with a single of our Employability Partners. We also offer possibilities by way of our Modern Apprenticeships scheme and by way of our investment contracts, under which 10% of the workforce on new-build, demolition and repairs contracts should be nearby individuals who have been not functioning previously. Samantha has just been offered a clerical post inside the council’s Customer Solutions division and is clear about how significantly her Modern Apprenticeship knowledge has contributed to her success.

Modern Apprenticeships allow your enterprise to train personnel to market-recognised standards. For most 16-24 year olds, full funding for the Modern day Apprenticeship is obtainable from Abilities Development Scotland. Numerous Modern day Apprentices also attend colleges or instruction centres to study the theory relating to their chosen occupation.modern apprenticeships

As a Modern day Apprentice, you could perform as a North Ayrshire Council employee, assisting deliver greater solutions to our 136,000 residents. Much more than 80 various sorts of Modern Apprenticeships are on supply from classic industries such as construction and engineering by way of to sports management and digital media. The MA programme delivers a a lot far more in-depth scheme than other people, and each and every Modern day Apprentice is treated equally, and as an individual.

We nevertheless have Modern day Apprenticeship locations available so if you happen to be already in a job, and you happen to be interested in starting an MA, you need to speak to your employer to discuss which possibilities may possibly be open to you. In contrast to Modern Apprenticeships, which have been created for folks among the ages of 16 and 21, New Zealand Apprenticeships will be available to any individual more than the age of 16. Not so extended ago, a loved ones was noted from one generation to the next for a trade, and it wasn’t that straightforward for the offspring of plumbers to do anything but adhere to in plumbing apprenticeships.

A Modern day Apprenticeship (MA) gives you the opportunity to achieve an market-recognised qualification via a mixture of college and function-primarily based training. The funding will also be used to develop much more opportunities for senior secondary pupils by way of function-primarily based foundation apprenticeships. Creative Scotland presented employers funding towards the salary of each apprentice, enabling organisations to supply positions. Investing in apprenticeships shows the University is giving some thing back to the neighborhood and the wider economy. I was effective in getting a Modern Apprenticeship with West Lothian Council and completely enjoy my job.